What People Are Saying

Definitely Vancouver’s best dispensary. Jeremy and Mike are very knowledgeable and friendly. The atmosphere in the shop and cafe is warm and welcoming, and everything about the business is very professional and tidy. These guys are now my go-to source for quality product, friendly service and fair pricing. I can’t recommend The Village Cafe + Dispensary enough.
— Paul from Vancouver
The Village Dispensary was and continues to be instrumental in aiding my mother with the painful symptoms associated with brain and bone cancer. Many thanks to this great establishment and helpful staff!
— Evex from Vancouver

Welcome to The Village dispensary!

Our dispensary exists to bridge the gap between those who are curious about medical cannabis and those who are expert in the field. What we realize is that there is a wealth of information surrounding medical cannabis that is accompanied by stereotypes and misinformation that can work to deter even the most determined health enthusiast. Knowledge is power and that is what we’re here to deliver.

Our light filled dispensary offers the highest quality medical cannabis products available, books and information resources relating to medical cannabis as well as lifestyle products encouraging a balanced approach to vitality.

We are family run and passionate about integrating cannabis into the mainstream as both a preventative health measure and a remedy for chronic conditions.

We are  proud CAMCD members and we are here to help educate you on your right to access natural medicines. Further as a compassion club we are committed to supporting people to get safe access to quality medicine. To learn more about our compassionate model send us an email, give us a call or check us out on Facebook.

Lastly, read our blog to access the most recent data we encounter.

Andrea and Jeremy

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